5 Reasons Fortnite is the best game for IOS

pubg vs fortnite

Everyone surely knows Fortnite as the trending PC (It’s also available on Xbox and PS4, You probably already know this). EPIC games recently released the mobile version of the game.

It was quite unexpected, Fortnite features really good graphics and no one could imagine it running on a smartphone but if you think about it PUBG mobile was also released, and it is a very stable game which can run on any IOS and Android device. Fortnite is only available on IOS, for now, It will soon be launching for Android devices, but there hasn’t been any news about the topic from EPIC’s side. The only reason we expect an Android release is because PUBG also exists for mobile devices and both are games very competitive; There is no way Epic games will hold back on Fortnite.

Unlike PUBG the mobile version of Fortnite is not very stable yet. It as many bugs and lacks customizability. The new Fortnite patch was recently announced, but it doesn’t seem to talk much about the changes in the mobile version.

Keeping the instability aside, It is a really good game and getting to enjoy it on the phone was unexpected. It took no time for it to reach number 1 on Apple App store. The popularity took a new turn when Ninja and Drake were spotted playing Fortnite on iPhone.


fortnite mfi controllerYes, you heard it right. You can play Fortnite on iPhone with your friends who are on PC. Thought it sounds good it can be a channel to compete with PC players on mobile. Currently, there is no support for MFI controllers; it makes it impossible to play efficiently on the phone. On Epic games official Fortnite Mobile FAQ, It is mentioned that the support will be added in later stages of the game.

Cross-platform compatibility also allows you to play with a friend on other operating systems. You can even join a party with players on PS4 and Xbox, This kind of compatibility hasn’t been featured in any game before, and this makes the best mobile game in 2018.

This is quite acceptable since the game is still in beta, but we expect these problems to be fixed soon.

Android Version coming soon

fortntie now on mobile

After the release of IOS version, everyone has been waiting for the android version. It seems like we will have to wait for a while. There has been no news about it yet, but it’s very likely that it’s being worked upon.

Unlike IOS devices, Android phones come in a huge variety, and compatibility will be a problem. Only the high-end phones will run Fortnite smoothly. Though it’s a prediction, It’s very likely to be true.

You can even Invite Friends

Fortnite has a feature which allows you to invite friends a play with them. Each player in gifted with 3 invite codes in the starting and you can invite your friends to play with you. This is because the game is currently in closed beta and the number of resources Epic games in investing in the mobile version of Fortnite is limited.

Reasons it’s the best iPhone game of 2018

  • Free to play
  • Good graphics
  • Cross-platform
  • Invite based system
  • Low system requirements

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