The Chroniclist [Fan Fiction]

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VanguardUpdates and Porchae have teamed up to create this piece of fan fiction titled ‘The Chroniclist’. Hedgem0ny also created the cover for the story. You can find the cover and full story below. Enjoy!

destinyt choroniclist

We all are doomed to end one day, we all go different ways, and I promised myself I would go out doing something great. Did I, was it all worth it? For the three I followed, they will go out one day knowing their work was. They are guardians, the shining beacons of hope for our united people.

They are the powerful few to save us all, venturing out into the frontier to stomp out those who favor the darkness. They are however, not the only ones who venture out into the frontier; there are us reckless few who follow them into the unknown, us who write of their great battles, the new storytellers of the last city.

In ancient times, we were called journalists, telling stories from the frontline of the great wars of humanity. We are called The Chroniclists. My story ends here; this is the story of how I die.

“It’s all over, there’s nothing left to do now son” wounded man looked up to the sky and exhaled slowly, breathing. “No, Dammit, No!” the powerful titan barked “you hold on you idiot, our medic will fix you up, just hold on!” the titan looked up, searching through the explosions and kicked up soil for his teammate, the healer warlock.

“No, no, it’s ok kid, I knew someday I wouldn’t come back from the frontier, it can’t be helped” the older man, fatally wounded, looked up at the sky again, remembering a long lost place, a memory almost forgotten.

“Brother isn’t it beautiful,” the young girl whispered, looking up at the sky of her new home “and the garden, it goes on forever!” the girl spun till she couldn’t tell the Black Gardens from the surreal Venus sky.

She fell down next to her slightly older brother, both of them lying in the beautiful field.

“It sure is, Lena,” the boy said quietly “it’s amazing, so many places in our solar system, people everywhere.” The boy sat up and looked into the distance as a ship shot into space from their new home city. “I want to see it all, I don’t care what it takes, I’ll see every planet by the time I’m done”! Suddenly a bright light came from the sky, blinding him.

“Stay with me you old fool!” the titan yelled, bringing him back to the present “He’s coming, just hold on!” the titan, powerful though not yet grizzled grabbed his hand tight and refused to let him go.

The man looked at him, looking at where he assumed was his eyes, and sternly asked “Have you been to the black gardens, have you seen its beauty?” the old man started to ramble “it is really beautiful, you should see the black gardens,” the now fading man went on. “No, hold on old man, you can see them yourself” the titan looked up again and yelled out “Ira, get over here, he doesn’t have much longer!” the warlock finally was in sight, across the field he started to run. “Keep him cognitive!” the medic yelled still on his way.

“I’ve seen them already” the old man said, remembering his childhood.

“It was my home an age ago, before the fall, before the bloodshed began,” he exhaled and willed himself to continue, “it was so beautiful, so calm, I can feel the breeze now, the blades of tall grass flowing like waves of the shattered coast”.

The old man mustered to pull something out of his bag lying next to him, a picture of a young man and woman, looking to only be in their late teens. “Here boy take this,” the man forced it to the titan as the warlock arrived and kneeled next to them.

“Who is this old man, is this you?” the titan and warlock both inspected the old faded picture.

“A much different man there, but yes.” the old man rested a moment and went on, “I swore to her I would see it all, and I have, but I forgot to promise to make it back home.”

He coughed, blood visible now on his lips coming out of his mouth “take that home for me titan” the old man now letting go of the titan’s hand, the two guardians realized there was nothing that could be done.

The man inhaled deep one last time, and exhaled a whisper “it’s so beautif-.” With that, he was gone, the titan let go of the chroniclist’s hand, looking at the photograph, “I’ll get you home you old fool” he whispered putting it inside his chest armor.

The warlock closed the glazed over eyes and whispered an old verse of peace. Standing up he tapped his communicator and spoke

“Sora, we need a pick-up, bring the ship around.” The two guardians watched their ship descend and open to let them in, their hunter teammate looking at the destruction around the site.

“Wait a second,” the titan ran back out and grabbed a journal out of the chroniclist’s bag.

Ira gave him a look as he walked back in and smirked, “getting sentimental doesn’t bode well Thatch”.

The titan simply smiled and looked down at the old journal,

“Just making sure nothing else of humanity is lost”. Thatch read the words scratched into the leather bound journal and put it into his pocket, it read “Be brave, for her” The ship flew off into space, headed towards humanity, and the only safe city left.


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