How To Fix Destiny 2 FPS Drops

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fps drops in destinyDestiny has been the big dog the gaming industry. Recently with the release of Destiny 2, the game has yet again impressed the community. There has been a major graphics improvement in destiny two but this tends to cause FPS drops.

Why Do Fps Drops Occur?

Frame rate usually drops due to lack of graphics memory available on the computer. Yes, every network uses a different kind of processors to render frame rates and other things. The way GPU works are very different than a CPU; This makes it unique. The primary difference between both is GPU’s ability to render multiple frames at the same time. To do this, a Central Processing unit will have a hard time. This technology is new and costs a lot of money. Therefore getting a new GPU to fight FPS drops is a good idea but not feasible.

What is the solution?
The solution to the problem depends highly on your needs. If you are running a very old or no GPU at all; Unfortunately, you don’t have many options, You best bet will be to get a new graphical processing unit. A new generation GPU can cost anywhere from around $1000 to $2000.

If you already have a GPU and still facing drastic FPS drops, You can fight the way around without spending much money on it.

In certain cases even ram can be limiting your computer performance cause FPS drops, I highly recommend getting a new set of rams compatible with your system. You can find the best ddr4 ram for gaming that suits your needs.

How To Fix FPS Drops in Destiny 2?

You might have a good GPU, but it’s not able to perform very well due to some other factors. This can be dust inside the PC, overheating, etc.

Firstly we need to find what’s causing the problem. For this, you need to install a performance recorder to track temperature and other information. After you have installed the necessary programs, you can launch destiny, set it to your desired settings. Play the game for a while. In about 20-30 minutes, we will have enough data to find the problem by collected data.

In most cases, you will notice the temperature of the GPU will hit its limits causing the performance to suffer. Only fix around this is to use some hardware to take control of the GPU temperature. There are several ways to do this, we can use water cooling methods, but since these can get pretty expensive, we are only going to talk about case fans to do the job.

Choosing The Right Case Fan

nzxt computer fansWhile building a computer, most people ignore the case fans they choose; this is a big mistake. If you did the same, it’s your time to replace them with good ones. Selecting a case fan can be a tough job since there are 100s’ of brands with thousands of products. Fortunately for us, has an excellent article on best case fans of 2018.

You will also find a guide on replacing the fans on the same website. I was using the stock fans that came with my computer case and had to face FPS drops though I was running one of the best gtx 1070 card.

In case you don’t want to spend time on testing the performance of the pc, You can take your decision without doing that too. If you run low on FPS all the time, the issue has to be the GPU. On the other hand, let’s say you run at a reasonable FPS number in the starting but it slowly decreases, It’s probably due to overheating of the system.

What Is overclocking?

liquid nitrogen cooling overclocking cpuIt refers to boosting up the performance of a processing unit. After you have a new cooling system(case fans), You can try to overclock the performance. Every year nvedia releases new graphic card, and it revolutionizes the overclocking potential..The process and tools required can vary, They are different for different GPU brands. Before trying to overclock it, I recommend contacting the support and asking them to what extent it is safe to overclock the particular GPU you have. Overdoing it can even ruin the processing unit.

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