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First Look at Character Creation

The Playstation Access video “Bungie Talks Co-op Strikes,” gives a brief look at the character creation screen in Destiny, at roughly 2 mins 21 seconds in.

Reddit user FutureWarCult snapped a few shots of the creation screen…

Support for Cross-gen Saves confirmed

cross gen

Amidst the explosion of Destiny news today a very sought-after feature was confirmed to exist in Destiny: cross-gen saves!

This means that if you have a G

uardian on PS3 and want to start playing on PS4 then you’ll be able to transfer your Guardian over to the PS4, same goes with Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

I know this is a feature that many people wanted to see in Destiny, so it’s rather great to see that it will be supported.

Win a trip to E3 to play Destiny

** UK residents only – must be 18 or older **

How would you and a friend like to win a trip to E3 this year to play Destiny? Well, there are currently 3 competitions running with IGN, PlayStation, and GAME. Below you will find details on how to enter each competition.

Activision putting $500 Million in to Destiny


Yup, you read that right. Activison is putting a whopping $500,000,000 in to developing and promoting Destiny.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick promises Destiny will be the biggest new IP launch in history, and it will certainly be the most expensive. According to some analysts, Activision would have to sell about 15 million to 16 million units of a $60 game to break even.

15-16 million units are huge number, but when you consider the number of platforms Destiny is being released on it’s not impossible. I have no doubt Bungie/Activision will pull it off 🙂

Source: Reuters

Destiny Beta Possibly Launching In July



The image above is from the Activision earnings call for the first quarter. As you can see, it states that the beta will be available in July.

AWESOME NEWS! I reckon we’ll get an exact date when E3 comes around, as well as more information as to the Xbox beta date versus the Playstation date, though I think that the Playstation date could be July 7th, it is Bungie Day after all!

Destiny Faction Wallpapers

Martin, the talented chap from Dstny_Overwatch has made some really cool Destiny Faction wallpapers! Click the image below to view the gallery of all the wallpapers and be sure to follow him on Twitter for more Destiny goodness: @Dstny_Overwatch

[Fan Art] Wallpapers By Irish Liberty

fan art

Yep, more awesome wallpapers! This time from the talented user, Irish Liberty. You may remember him kicking ass at the photoshop competition last year during Bungie Week. If you’d like to see more from Mr. Liberty then give him a follow on Twitter.

Click the image below to view the entire album of wallpapers.

Raiding 101 – What is Raiding? Destiny vs. MMO Raids

If you’ve played an MMO before then, you’ll probably know what raiding is, but if you haven’t then feat not, DattoDoesDestiny has you covered. He recently created a comprehensive 20-minute video that compares how raiding may work in Destiny with how it works in popular MMOs. It’s a great video so please do give it a watch.

Playstation: Exclusive Content For At Leas

According to the product description page on Amazon, the extra content on PlayStation will be exclusive up until “at least Fall 2015”.

destiny amazon

If this is true, then I’m really surprised. Usually, exclusives are only about a month in duration, maybe a little longer… rarely a year though. It’s a shame for the Xbox players that may have to wait up to a year. This has not been confirmed by Activision or Bungie however so do take it with a grain of salt.

The Alpha In Numbers

There were some stats released following the closure of the Alpha. Pretty impressive numbers considering the Alpha only lasted a short period.

Almost 6.5 million player games were played! Other highlights include:

  • 149,522,313 Primary Weapon Kills
  • 21,782,610 Secondary Weapon Kills
  • 4,002,737 Heavy Weapon Kills
  • 21,687,298 Super Ability Kills
  • 2,819,211 Orbs of Light Gathered
  • 6,850,773 Control Points Captured in the Crucible
  • 1,195 Deathless Medals awarded in the Crucible
  • 4,356 Splatters with the Sparrow
  • 667,966 Public Events Joined
  • 60,491,944 Fallen Dregs Dispatched with Extreme Prejudice
  • 6,461,871 Player Games Played!

The beta is coming around in just a few weeks, it’ll be interesting to see how the Alpha stats compare to Beta stats. Can’t wait!

Datto’s Destiny Alpha Information Database

The main man, Datto, has spent the past couple of weeks compiling every little bit of information from the beta and sorting it in to a nice 25 page google doc. It’s very comprehensive and details a huge amount of information, perfect for any information-hungry destiny fan.

If you don’t fancy reading, he’s also created a YouTube playlist of videos that go over everything that’s covered in the 25-page doc.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel for all the latest Destiny news and updates.

Bungie Weekly Update 27/6/14

The latest weekly update is a juicy one. As well as a full list of trophies/achievements, there are also hints at an announcement of a collectors edition. When asked about it, Turk replies: “It’s almost as if we’re planning to drop all the information you need, and more, ahead of Beta on an auspicious date in the very near future. (Vague, I know.)” By this, I’m guessing he means Bungie Day, which falls on July 7th, so expect lots of good stuff!

There is also a hint towards some of the places we’ll be visiting in Destiny. There are screenshots of Venus and Mars, whether it will be in PvP or explore, we still don’t know.

The screenshot at the bottom of the page is long and contains all of the trophies/achievements in Destiny. Enjoy!

Source: Bungie Weekly Update

become legend

[Fan Art] Speed Painting and more

Some really impressive artwork was submitted yesterday by Deslor. I really enjoyed this speed painting of the Traveler on Mars, and some of his other work on Deviantart. Well worth checking out! I’ll link to all his pages at the bottom of the page, be sure to check them out and follow him on Twitter for more amazing Destiny fan art 🙂

Hunter Cape Wallpapers

The incredibly talented DestinyOverwatch has created some gorgeous wallpapers based on the exotic Hunter capes found in the Destiny Alpha. Click the image below to view his deviantart page where you can find all of his work.

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