The Taken King Controversy

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Well, the last few days have been a bit crazy. Since the announcement of The Taken King there has been quite an uproar online in regards to the pricing.

Eurogamer published an article where they had interviewed Luke Smith, the Creative Director on The Taken King. The interview focused on the pricing of the different TTK editions, rather than the content of the expansion itself.

Luke probably didn’t do the best job of answering the questions, but I also don’t find it’s hard to believe that he’s solely in charge of making the decisions in terms of prices. I personally think it was a bit unfair to put him in this kind of position, but obviously there are definitely a lot of people who are wanting answers to these questions.

What I would really love to see is an end to the horrible comments and posts on many of the forums online. We understand that you’re frustrated, but hurling abuse at Luke definitely doesn’t solve the problem. Please, take a moment and think before clicking the submit button.

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DeeJ has recently taken the time to comment on the subreddit, explaining that they are listening, as always. Keep an eye on for the Weekly Update, where DeeJ aims to focus more on how they will be celebrating the veteran players with the coming of The Taken King.

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